About Nazarene medtour

Nazarene Medtour is an online medical travel platform that aims to give a world class service by helping the people around the world in reaching top Indian hospitals to provide easy, hassle free, affordable and best medical operation and treatments.Nazarene Medtour provides complete Medical Services include E-Visa, Transportation and Hospitality Services in a top notch Indian specialized Hospitals and Clinics

Dr. Mark R P Nazareth MD

Founder of Nazarene MedTour Consultancy

Dr. Mark R P Nazareth MD, the founder of ” Nazarene MedTour Consultancy “, a well reputed Radiologist, with more than 35 years in the field of Diagnostic Radiology, always found a calling to extend affordable and top quality health care in India, to suffering multitudes across the globe, who could not get affordable health care in North America, because of high insurance premiums in US , and because of long waiting times in Canada, and also because of a failed NHS system in the UK, and because of underdeveloped health care , and Inadequate qualified professionals and world-class hospitals of repute, in Africa and the Middle East. Dr. Mark after completion of his Masters in Radiology from KMC Manipal, one of the finest hospitals in India, worked as Head of Department in a 1000 bed hospital “Fr. Mullers Charitable Hospital” in Mangalore while having a flourishing private practice as well. For better opportunities and exposure he moved to Dubai, and is highly reputed, and has created a lasting name, and a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of many, over his career spanning over 25 years in Dubai. He moved for a while to Canada and returned to Dubai after getting licensed by the Medical Council of Canada. It is his time in North America that opened his eyes to the plight of suffering patients who could not get timely and affordable health care especially when it came to major illnesses and surgeries, which motivated him to start this service, to facilitate patients to receive excellent healthcare, at world-class hospitals, by world-class doctors, at an affordable price. This longing to establish this service has been dormant but active for many years and has finally been fulfilled.

Core Values


make sure the trust, kindness, dignity and collective respect for all the employees and customers through open communication and dialogue


providing the customer the highest standard of service through benchmarking and continuous development


always be guided by being morally correct and high ethical practices that will show through honesty, fairness, respect for all individual


always keeping acquainted with latest technologies in hospitality and medical practice


dedicated to personal and company integrity by keeping our commitments to our customers


making our customer’s needs a top priority at all times.

Code of Conduct

  • We pledge to give the highest ethical, legal and professional standards and quality of work
  • We lead ourselves with honesty and integrity with all our business dealings with our medical travel partners and affiliated health centers
  • We take the initiative that all our actions are in compliance with all related existing laws on our business activity
  • We treat everyone fairly with dignity and respect and make no difference based on medical need, age, gender, race, color, religion, nationality, place of residence and disability
  • We pledge to respect the rights and be compassionate at all times towards our customers
  • We pledge to give always our customers the highest priority and importance towards their safety and welfare

Why Nazarene MedTour

  • One of the founder is a well experienced Medical Doctor
  • We will provide you the freedom in choosing which budget suits you while still secure in having a top quality medical treatment
  • We have a proven and direct relationships with the hospitals and doctors to ensure that the customer will get the highest quality of treatment
  • We have enough experience in medical and hospitality industries to provide the value of money for our services
  • We keep monthly and quarterly report and updates to our affiliated health centers and partners
  • We send updated reports about the progress of the treatment to the immediate family member or friends as per submitted contact person of the patient
  • We are one stop shop service for all patient’s needs regarding medical tourism from the free medical consultation and arrangement of treatment, E-visa and travel, concierge services, place to stay, and direct inquiry to the doctor and hospitals